Cant connect to live

At the moment i cant connect to Infinite Flight Live, any solutions?


I can’t, either. It’s probably just for maintenance or something.

Are they going to extend our subscription?

I sure hope so. I bought Infinite Live+ for 1 year. I’d love to see that extended for another month or so ;)
Honestly, they probably won’t extend it.

Most likely not.

It would be very nice for the developers to give live users an extension, however its extraordinarily unlikely.

@Jake_Brimble: Please stop spamming our forum with links to your site. Especially in message that are irrelevant to the topic.



The servers were down for around an hour, in my opinion it doesn’t justify a full month free - in proportion to the $5/$50 dollar subscriptions, an hour wouldn’t even cost you a cent :)

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Hahah. I know. I was only kidding :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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