Cant connect to live server

I cant connect to live server from my I pad and I phone. I think that my account has a problem. I paid for live and cant access live server on online for 3 days now. My I pad has been restarted, app deleted and downloaded again and the same in my phone but nothing changes.


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Hi, sorry to hear that.

★Can you try to restart your WiFi router if you are using WiFi?
★ Are you able to play solo? (Or is there an error message popping up when you start the app?)
★ Is your Infinite Flight app updated to the latest version?

Let me know the results and answer these questions so that I can get a better insight on the situation! :)

Hi, I have restarted the wifi router, have the last version installed.
I can play in Solo mode without any issue

Do you get any prompt or a message when you try to play in the live server?

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