Can't Connect to Live on Expert Server

I can’t connect to live on the expert server! I don’t know why! Please help me!


I have Wifi

It’s not working

iPhone 6S
Latest iOS Version
Latest IF Version

I know it’s not a grade problem since you were on advanced half an hour ago, try restarting device or logging out of your selected login account and log back in.

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I just did the updates so it restarted.
I just logged out and logged back in … doesn’t work …

Hmmmm I’m afraid that’s the only thing I can help you with, maybe someone else can help or perhaps a mod.

@Carson? Could you help here?

It’s simply because Laura just rebooted the server.

She did? So how do I connect back on?

Mine was doing that but then it reconnected after a minute or two

Try again in the next few minutes.

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Yes! It’s working! I’m recording now!

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