Cant connect to itunes

Whenever I purchase the subscription it always says that it can’t connect to iTunes. I already reinstalled the app. Cheers any help is appreciated.

If you previously used another device, you can pay there as the subscription is account-based. If not, try logging out and back in on iTunes.

Tried that and it still won’t work. Thanks for the help anyway

Maybe restarting the device will work? Give this a try.

There are also a few possibilities such as not using any VPN configuration, changing WiFi networks, or even to stop using cellular network.


Apple are currently have some issues that affects this. We’ve seen several reports of this and are monitoring.

For now, there’s not much else to do than wait for them to resolve the issue:


Thanks for the reply

@Chris_Mc_closkey - all seems to be OK now. Can you try again?


Cheers its working now

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