Can't connect to expert Server

Hey there… recently reached grade 4 and wanted to celebrate with a nice long flight on Expert. I joined and saw this:

In my profile it says that I’m grade 4 (and allowed on expert) tho

Does anybody know, what that’s all about?


Hi. How many times have you been reported the past 12 months

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Well, 5 times in the past 12 months and 24 months

You need to have less than 5 reports. So basically 4 and below. Just wait until your oldest report disappears after one year and you should be able to access expert server


When was your first report in the past 12 months

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In January, so it should be gone soon

The limit for grade 4 is 5 so It should in the next couple of days be back to normal

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Your oldest report should disappear exactly one year after it was given to you. So if you were reported on let’s say January 17, 2018, your report will disappear on January 17, 2019


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