Can't Connect to Center

Hello, I’m currently flying to KORD from KSFO, I was flying over Minneapolis - FIR, but can’t contact the center. The controller also didn’t gave me a guard message. Why is this happening?

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Center is not active :)

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It was active when I passed

but no longer, so you’re not able to connect

If you tap on the center on the map, it shows as ‘active’ but is a selection, not active. You simply had the center selected on the map.

I am currently controlling, and there is no active center, or it would show on my map

I have also had this problem and I know the airspace was active as the group flight I was with could connect. I might be wrong but it could be if you are further than the maximum emitter range (405nm I believe for center) so you can join. Idk if this is right though.

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Minneapolis Center is huge, therefore, the entire region cannot be covered by one controller, like @airbus7447skyhawk said, because there is max emitter range of 405nm.

The most likely reason you could not contact the center was that the controller had spawned in to control Minneapolis Center, somewhere farther than 405 nautical miles from your current location.


Thanks for the info!

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