Can't connect to Approach

Guys, i’m approaching Istanbul Airport but can’t connect to Appr!! Can you help me?

You probably are not close enough to contact them. How far away are you?

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Maybe there isn’t approach at Istanbul. If you’re on TS

Could you give us more detail, like how far away are you from Istanbul?

B777-er i’m just flying around

Are you on expert or TS

Is there ATC active and what server is this on?

Atc are on now

Expert server

O ok 👌🏾 Good.

27.8 nm from airport

I’m going on to LiveFlight to seek what is your callsign

Close enough

He said that up there

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Sometimes there is a glitch, where you have to go into the map, click on the airport, then look at the at the
options and tune into it that way

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  • Go to your map view
  • Press on the airport
  • Press on the + to see the frequencies
  • Press tune next to approach.

If it is not available, can you take a screen shot and post it.

27 miles is pretty close for approach unless theres not a lot of airplanes. Is approaching on guarding you?

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It’s connected now. I’m able connect to tower & ATIS. But it’s work now. Thank you guys


I tried it many times, but only tower connected. I flew around above the airport, and while trying like what you suggested. Then the appr button (tune) on.

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