Can't connect ifc account to my iphone

Hello I am having trouble connecting my IFC Account so you can see my username Ryman during IF. But All my safari says is that it is not connected to safari server. What should I do?

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Hmm, interesting are you able to provide a screenshot of the page that it Leeds you to?

Sure here it is

I believe you have an internet issue

You might be right

Hi @RyMan , assuming that you have tried this on WiFi, have you tried switching over to a mobile data connection for the login instead?

A really out there one, I’ve heard before of people complaining about this issue and the problem being that their time isn’t synced on their device properly. Out there, but perhaps worth a look

Ok I will check that thanks

Sorry to hear that you are facing this problem but Can you please move the topic to #support


Ok but i am not at the trust lvl 2 yet :(

This used to happen on my old phone and on my iPad

Both have software that is not up to date, maybe that was the issue? It started working again when I got my new phone that was updated.

I have it up to date with the software idk why it doesn’t work tho

If you have VPN running on your device disable it then try the following

Go to your iPhone’s settings > Scroll down and click on safari > clear History and data

Then go back to general > date and time > make sure to set date and time to automatic

This should help

Yes I will try it right now!


IT WORKED thanks a ton!

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Glad I helped, plz don’t forget to click solved on my post so the topic can be closed, thanks

Ok will do

It’s not all about getting that solution tick.

Nice to know we were all able to help you @RyMan

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I thought you have to click on the solution if your problem is solved so the topic can be closed?

Guys i can’t thank you enough for helping me Infinite flight has such a great community thanks again!


Where do i close the topic like what button?