Can't Communicate With ATC

Is there a way to contact ATC when it doesn’t show up on the map or in the ATC button on the bottom of the screen? Earlier, I was flying to KBWI, and when I got within the airspace, Approach informed me that I “was in an active airspace, contact Approach”. However, I could not find the approach frequency anywhere, so after the warning was sent to me 4 times, I ended the flight. What’s the best way to solve this?

Any help would be appreciated.

When ever I usually get this issue I quickly turn airplane mode on and off and usually disconnects me and then reconnect me to servers and fixes the issue!

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i was approach should put nordo as your callsign id know you cant communicate

Great, I’ll try that next time

Huh, not sure. Where you on a secured wifi network? Sometimes the Game can just stop working for you but you would still be able to receive messages from ATC.

As in “NORDO”? I also read somewhere that after doing so, I should turn away from the airspace and divert.

it wasnt busy if i see you turning and and descending as i instruct you will be ok

Okay, I’ll keep it mind for next time. Thanks, everyone.

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