Can't clear anyone for takeoff

I don’t know if it is the game or me, most likely its me. But I can’t clear anyone just for for takeoff. When someone requests to takeoff I press ‘cleared for takeoff’ the I asks me which runway and I select the one I’m using, then it says ‘make left/right traffic’. But what if I don’t want that? Those are the only two options I get.

That’s because they stated remaining in the pattern. 😉

Hi Cameron i hope this answers your question. Also if you have more, dont be afraid to search them up on the #tutorials category.

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I had 2 people request takeoff:

Pilot 1- Requested a regular takeoff and didn’t say he/she was remaining in the pattern

Pilot 2- requested a regular takeoff to a different airport, but I couldn’t clear him a regular takeoff

Thanks, but I do understand the basic rules for tower. What I mean is when someone requests a takeoff it only gives me the option to have make left or right traffic. Even if they’re not remaining in the pattern

The pilot must have requested ‘remaining in the pattern’ or the option to direct them for left/right traffic would not have been available. Perhaps you misread it, or it may have been a bug

Well that’s odd are you on the beta IOS version?

Should this be moved to bugs?

Sounds like it to me.

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Not unless he changes it to follow the guidelines


😡 move it back there is no version or steps to reproduce


I don’t know why it does this, if I get the opportunity to control as tower and the problem is resolved I will say