Can't change User Title

I’ve just come back on this forum, and wanted to change back to my “regular” title (I am still a regular) but I’ve looked and I cannot find it at all, and I’ve asked moderators to help. This is pestering me, help!

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I have the same exact question.

I’ve heard from Mr 007, that you should check the first 3 lines down on preferences. I have looked and it is still not there.

@jreilly2311, I see that you’re a new regular, welcome! Can you change your user title at all out of curiosity?

I’m also a regular according to my profile but it does not say it under my name

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Problem is, I’m not a regular, I’ve just found out. The only possible way is for demotion an promotion.


It’s all figured out.

I’ve tried, not matter what I do, it still says ‘important’. Weird.

Try look in preferences, and title. Then scroll to regular, click and save changes. Title should be 3rd down on the list.

@jreilly2311, here is a tutorial on how to change it:

I thought I was a regular already. Maybe I got demoted. :3