Can't change my profile picture

I can’t change my profile picture…
Is it because my trust level?

Preferences > Account > Profile picture (click the pencil icon) doesn’t work?

Yeah, it doesn’t work

I will try it from my PC

Can someone change the category to support

This is related to the forum, not from the app, so the #support shouldn’t be this topic. ;)

@Andy_Nss did you made it or you still have trouble?

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Yes! Not it works! i tried it on my computer!

I don’t know what happened! I remember using the support category.

A member of staff switched over to the #meta category for you, as #support is for issues with the game, and #meta is for forum related issues and questions. I have switched it over back to what the topic was originally changed to. :)

Just to confirm you have no longer got the issue?


Oh alright! Thanks for letting me know

Yes! Im ok now

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