Can't change in-game username

So I need to change my username from “Insertusernamehere” to include IFAE. I know anything longer isn’t allowed, so I decided on IFAEinsertusername. I ommit 4 letters from the “here” and add 4 from the “IFAE”. Problem is, it still says it’s invalid?


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Maybe it’s too long?

Same length as my current one:

maybe try a _ in between IFAE and insertnamehere

It could be because you are using “IF”, proprietary.
I had a silmilar hiccup when I tried to use “Jets” ,as I recall.

If others have used the same username as showing invalid usename i think it’s happened to me also. if you change a letter maybe it’s possible but not secure .

Instead of
I tried
Same length but didn’t work

Could try to delete and re add IF and Sign in again.

Something strange like this happened to me when I first got a subscription. My display name was my full name, and I remember clicking on the box to change it, but I decided not to and it didn’t let me save it, even though it was exactly the same as before.

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I think that is too long. Have you had that user name long? A few years ago the way that Callsigns where allowed had to be changed as a number of people where using inappropriate ones. With your new call sign it will have to be spelled out phoenically which will take a while!

Only 7 months I’ve had it

Just for the heck of it, try removing one of the letters in “IF” (as in Infinite Flight).

I think they changed the length rule since 7 months ago, so that might be why it doesn’t work now. What happens if you try to input your old username?

I think Mod can do it or can help you on that.

I have tried multiple usernames for you.

Like IFAEusernamehere etc

And from my findings I have concluded that the word “insert” isn’t being allowed. This may not be 100% true but it’s what I have found

Update: now almost 100% sure that “insert” is not allowed in it

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I’ll give lowercase “L” a shot instead of I. Looks the same

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IFAE-lnsertusername worked with a lowercase “L” instead of “I”

You need to tell the system if you are associated with IF Aviation experts or IF Airport Editorers, once you do that it’ll know the appropriate display to broadcast to all of us on which you are and will accept your username change

Ok, so it’s probably the word ‘insert’ then