Cant buy subscription on google family link child account :(

Realme 7 pro:

I recently tried to buy infinite flight pro on my phone which has a google child account and it came up with this message:

Idk if that worked ⬆️ ( The text it says is ‘ask your parent. Your parent has to complete this transaction on their profile’ someone posted a screen shot on the link ⬇️)

There was nothing showing on the parent device in terms of requests, we tried switching off restrictions for purchases on family link - that didn’t work. We also tried creating this infinite flight account and then logging into that on my phone but that just got stuck in a loop when we tried to sign in. We bought a subscription on the parent device with family sharing enabled but the subscription did not show up on the child device.

I found someone else with this exact issue but no solution:

I really love this sim and wish I could fly in other places than demo areas. Can anyone help???

Maybe try clearing data of the app And make sure the family link feature is off

I have tried but on that device it always comes up with that message because its a child account - no matter how many settings are switched off. I think the best hope is logging into a separate account on that device. Problem is, it tells me the account needs to be used on the app on another device before but when I try to sign in on another device it gets stuck in a loop and wont let me.

Make a new gmail id and try buying Pro then

Ive tried buying the subscription on a different email and then logging into it but that didn’t work. I know it would resolve the issue if I didn’t have a child account but well… Im a child so unfortunately im not gonna be allowed to do that 😠😭

How about uninstalling the main application of the Google Family from your parents device ?

Yes, that would probably work but they obviously aren’t going to let me. They put on the child account and probably aren’t just going to take it away.

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When i try to log in to my community account on infinite flight, i am brought to this:

Upon clicking it, i get this error:

I know it wants me to sign in on another device, when i do that it comes up with the exact same error. Is this because I have not bought the subscription on that account yet? How do i do that? I cant use a google email for this because the child account only allows one google email. Am i doing anything wrong?

I have tried buying the subscription on the pairent device but i cant use that on the child one because it doesn’t let me sign in to another Google account. This account isn’t a google one, but i can’t sign inyo it on the app ⬆️

When I buy the subscription on the parent device it automatically uses the parent google account because it was installed on google play. Is there a way i can get it to use this other one that isn’t a google account? Pls help me 🙏

Should I email infinite flight detailing this?? I really wanna get that subscription.


This isn’t an issue with the app, but with Play Store.
When we’ve had inquiries about issues like this in the past, we’ve investigated our possibility to affect this and realized that there’s none.

Best option here is to either contact Play Store support or to disable the family control, unfortunately.

I know this isn’t the best option but if you buy it on your parents account I believe IF support can transfer the sub but definitely ask support before you do it.

Ok - I suspected that. thanks.

Yeah well its useful to have it on my own device: they probably won’t appreciate hour flights sucking up their battery!

Ah, i see what you mean. Maybe that could work.

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