Can't buy Live

Look that happends when i click ON buy image

Have you tried purchasing it on the website?
Also, read this.


Play may you give us a translation on what it says. And what is the device and software?

Samsung galaxy edge s6 , but lisent i bought the game with other account and i want to buy Live with another one cause my friend give me a gift card 5.1 android

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Then you can’t get it. You have to purchase the game with your acount to buy in app purchases. You can’t buy anything with your acount on IF because you got it on another acount.

Ohh okay cause i bought the game with MY old account but ill transfer MY money thanks

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Okay now i try to buy it says i got 10us and still same error

Yeah but guess what i try buying the game from google chrome and IT work now i just can’t afford live cause still same error

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