Can't buy Live

Hello guys,
I wanted to buy a new live subscription but when I tapped buy a subscription there was no price. What can I do about it?
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yeah i noticed that too months ago so i took the chance and the price didn’t change, it was still $5.79 so it just won’t show so i’m sure you’re good

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it was Canadian dollars i mentioned if you use a different currency and got confused

Just press the subscription that you want. After that you type your Apple ID and then it appears the confirmation window with the price of the subscription. There you hit buy or cancel. This process is if you are using an Apple device of course don’t know the process on android. Hope this help!

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I just renewed my love subscription and the same thing happened to me. A confirmation will come up when you tap the subscription you want which will state the price. It isn’t that much of a problem

Thanks for your answers guys!