Can't buy live as I have current subscription

I’ve heard that the price will rise after global… so i tought i would buy 1 Year of IF live… the problem is, i have IF live until November and i can’t subscribe to the 1 Year live subscription… i don’t seem to see any buttons or anything…

The developers have said that global will likely be a seperate subscription to live, so when you buy it will not affect price


Here’s a pic

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I believe OP wants to buy Live now, but is unable to do so.

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Yes you can’t buy it as you have a valid subscription.

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He already has a valid subscription

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I see. OP, if you would like to purchase more than 1 subscription, you may also purchase them here.

What you’re saying is i can’t buy more since i already have an active subscription… is it?

Yes, you can’t buy one now

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Ah… i just knew about this… Thanks! @Insertusernamehere