can't buy in-app purchase...

I can’t buy any of the airplane in this game…what’s up infinite flight

Need device, OS, how to reproduce

Are you connected to the Internet?

Please be more detailed with technical support requests.

Provide the following.

Device Manufacturer
Operating System i.e. iOS9.1 etc
Site downloaded from
Error message details, if any
Detailed description of the issue

If you have a error regarding payment options or financial records from your store, you have to contact your store for that.

Hi Harrison… Yes

Device… ITEL-1701 Android 8.0 mp.
Downloaded from goggle play.
Error massage… This payment method cannot be used for this purchase (IAI)
My device have no problem at all playing the game. My only issue is just making the in-app purchase.

That’s not an app issue. It’s an account issue with the Play store.