Can't buy global

I had problems signing in to IF in the first place and I have been able to log in thanks to the community ut i have hit another problem I can’t buy global this is all that came up when I tryed to buy it. Please help.Screenshot_2017-11-25-12-18-05

This may have been reported before -

Try having your restrictions enabled by going in Settings → General → Restrictions and having your in app purchases enabled.

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Hi there,

  • Have you tried to restart your device and the app?

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

  • Ensure that you have the available funds for the App/Play Store purchase.


I also have this come up

I don’t have a subscription i have only ever played offline


What device and operating system do you have? This may help us better assist you.

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I have enough money and I don’t understand what @Jet_Airways_995 means

It looks from those screenshots you are using the old version of Infinite Flight? Have you updated the app?


I uninstalled it yesterday as i could not log in and reinstalled it today so i think im up to date

How do i do that on android

I will check what android i am running

Might help:

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Is android 5.1.1 work

What device do you have?


That looks like a previous version of Infinite Flight, which would explain why it’s not working.

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Samsung galaxy j3 (2016)

It says there are no updates

That latest update that shows in your App Store is the update before global.

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Can you please go to Settings --> About and give me the exact model number? It should be J320 something.


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