Cant buy global (IOS)

Hey! I need help figuring out why i cant but IF global is this for everyone?

Hey mate,

Just wanted to check that you’ve updated your app from the app store with the latest release of 21.1 and you aren’t still on the old open beta build as you aren’t able to renew your subscription on open beta.

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Oh thanks Mate for letting me know!

And yes its on 21.1 i tried it out and everything is fine but the global aint working

No worries mate, let me know if that has worked!

Looks like this may be an issue that is outside of my scope then. Someone from Infinite Flight, whether it will be a staff or moderator, or Seb himself, should be able to assist you shortly.

Sorry I couldn’t help any further.

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All good man. Ill just wait for a mod or staff.

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This is usually caused by parental controls and/or purchase restrictions being enabled on the Apple-ID.
To check that, go to Settings → Screen time → Content & Privacy Restrictions → iTunes & App Store. You most likely have something enabled there.

Oop yea i never knew i had a parental controls on XD

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