Can't buy a subscription

Same thing happens to quite a lot of people it seems like. Me as well. For live+ click on the right box, for live (monthly) click on the left one. Apple Store will ask you to confirm your purchase for X.XX dollars 😊

Please provide phone model and operating system so the devs can diagnose and fix your issue quicker :)

I have a live+ subscription and want to buy for one more year (my old subscription is still active) how do I do that?

it works just click it. 5 for month 50 for year

  1. If you have already a suscription, click in the right corner on “I have already…”

  2. Are you sure that you’re suscription is over?
    When wants to buy a suscription and have already one active, it shows me same the as you…

  3. Select any of the suscription and click on them

Ok, thanks ;)

This has happened to me so what I did was delete the game and reinstall it and then you should be able to see the prices.

iPhone 5s, iOS 9.0.2

Yeah! Tks.

This happened to me yesterday.

Purchase your subcription
If it doesn’t let you leave the app
Clear it from your device(for Apple double click home screen)
Re open IF
Go to purchase subscription then press
(Do not buy again)
“I already have a sub.”

This also might be caused by the store connection. Usuall restarting the device power and trying again over your WiFi will resolve the store connection error.