Can't add people to a PM? (Mobile)

Whenever I click “Add person”, this comes up

Then I type anything, it always comes up with this (because it isn’t registering my inputs)

I can’t add anyone, which is really annoying
If you just type @, he’s the first person to come up

(And I’m not trying to add Rishi_Bokhoree to my PM)


Try like restarting your browser or clearing your history or something. I was experiencing issues with IFC a while ago and it was because my browser was full

Always have this problem its quite annoying

Tried, doesn’t seem to help

I restart my browser and clear my history often

Try going on another device.

This is something Discourse should fix on its own end. They are continuously trying to improve the mobile version of their software. Best thing you can do is open a support request on the Meta community. If you include details like the device and browser you used it might help them to reproduce the issue. :)


Don’t have one available at the moment

I think it is something wrong with your device or browser. Im not getting this issue.

That’s not the point. He needs help adressing the issue. It doesn’t matter if that person needs inviting or not

I wasn’t going to add anyone to your PM, was just finding a PM to demonstrate it on

Same issue for me, but this isn’t really the place to get help. Take issues like this to [Dicourse Meta] (

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Hey John. There is an easy temporary fix, just go to the categories section, and click ‘desktop mode’ and you can then invite. Once inviting is done, you can simply just click ‘Mobile Mode’.

But, in the long run, I myself don’t really know why this doesn’t work on phone.


This is a known discourse mobile bug. As many people have said, report it on discourse meta and use luke’s solution temporarily.