Can't access the server

Guys any clues… I tried many times but could not able to access the server???

Same I can’t access it as well

What server are you suggesting too?

Is this showing up for you as well ? @Uan

Could you check your internet connection? If that is good then could you restart your app and see what happens?

Which server is it? Details please :)

I can’t get onto the game I am the same as uan my WiFi bars are full I refreshed my iPad as well

Like what seb just said, what server are you trying to access?

None I can’t get into the game

Do you have the latest update?

yep I have had it for ages

Could you re-install the app for me and let’s see what happens

I’m connecting perfectly, must be on your end.

Yeah I fixed it’s just my mc Donald’s wifi connected my hot spot 👍🏻


Nope, it keep loading…

To the game

I’m no expert but if you want my opinion I’d say reinstall the game.