Can't access Live after buying it from iTunes?

We have uncovered a problem with how Apple iTunes now handles receipt validation for new or renewed Live subscriptions. Apple made a change to their system but didn’t mention it to developers.

In some cases, usually when there was a connection error with iTunes while the transaction was being processed, you might be locked out. They take your payment but then you can’t sign in and fly for some reason?

Did this happen to you? Don’t panic! Please follow the below link for details on what to do, and contact support.

We are taking measures to resolve this.

PS I purposely posted this in General category because it will (maybe, maybe not?) have the best chance of being seen. If anybody sees a support topic about this issue, refer them back to this post.

Thank you.


I will be buying Live+ tomorrow. Fingers Crossed
Hope this doesn’t happen to me :O

@DIsraelFDS has the price for live plus increased could you please tell me as I am getting it again on Wednesday and I don’t know how much Google play cards to get.

Good luck!

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It’s $6.49 in Australia or $64.99
I buy monthly though

I live in the uk do you know anything about there?

We haven’t made any price changes. It is possible there has been a monetary exchange rate change, but you’d have to locate that from your local App Store.

Ok thanks for telling me

FYI I just bought my live+! I had no problems…

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Where you from?

Asia. But I used the US Store for my payment

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Just for information: Live+ bought without problems (Germany, 49,99€, I.e. $56.75)

Hi! I can access the Live version but recently, when i play live, the app kept crashing & closes by itself. This happens when other players make their radio announcement for departure or arrival etc. Besides that, everything else is good. So basically I wouldnt wanna waste my money purchasing the live version if it kept crashing. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon cos i truly enjoyed playing this game. )"=

Please open a support ticket at