Cant access infinite flight from my phone

Hi, im using a samsung galaxy S9 and i cannot access or download infinite flight anymore. Ater the 21.5 update i still have the app, but when i go to playstore for the update i cannot find the app. I commented on an instagram post and someone tried to help me by sending me the software requirements. I thought my phone is a 32bit device so i moved to my iphone 6 (very small and battery consuming). Last night i checked the software of my phone again, it turns out to be a 64bit device and one of the most recommended phone to play the game. If its recommended then why i cannot find it in playstore, i even tried downloading the app from internet but i cant open it, the game says it stopped. Can anyone pls help me?🙁

try to reinstall IF. Samsung S9 is very compatible for the latest IF update

Are you running oneUI beta? IF 21.5 requires safetynet to install and beta versions apparently don’t pass that.

I already tried. I uninstalled the game and i cant find it anymore on google playstore☹

How do i know if im on beta? I checked on settings that i have the 2.5 UI version

What country do you live in, some may have removed the app from their service.

Im from Indonesia

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Aditional info.

It says that my device is not compatible with the new update.


Hello Chae, i had a similar problem with my Samsung 8+ last month just before 21.5 update but i followed the advice from support & had it resolved. Have you tried updating ur phone’s software? I think you should if you haven’t. If it still says incompatible after that you should go to settings scroll down to developer options & unlock your phone’s bootloader. You’ll need to switch off ur phone & turn it back on again & give it time like a day or two then check again to see if the incompatible message is gone then u can reinstall IF again or update depending on what the case may be. Good luck

weird that S8+ or S9 are showing incompatible device which they are compatable at all.

Please try this steps:

Alright, so it’s not the country then.

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