Can't access badges page

Hello everyone, today I went to look at the badges category, and it had said “Page not found” Does that mean you’re no longer to get badges anymore? This is the screenshot

Works fine here. Have you tried lately or did just experience this once?

I too am experiencing the same issue.

P.S I was told that discourse may be having issues with checking internal things. This may hopefully be fixed soon :)

Can you describe exactly which path you’re taking to get this error?

Steps to reproduce the issue -

  • Enter ‘badges’ section
  • Select any badge

I tried every badge, and it stills shows the same thing :/

Edit: It only shows the badges that I earned.

Okay, i’ve got a repro on this.

I’ve reported it to Discourse.

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Thanks very much @schyllberg!

Turned out there was already a one from a few days ago, lol. Mine was a duplicate. Haha

This is the active one:


I saw, but no one is perfect :)

Everyone makes mistakes.

This happens to me all the time … all you have to do is log in and out and then it works…

Discourse have found an issue with it. So it will be fixed shortly.