Can't access ATC at all!

recently, I have not been able to access ATC on the playground, at ANY airport. I have reset my device several times, and done all the ‘monkey fingering’ one can do to get the thing to work. It doesn’t! What’s up?

Wow, can’t even upload screen shots.

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Are you sure you are not trying something as simple as accidentally being on the FF server?

Or maybe all the frequencies that you are trying are already active but it is taking a while to show up as active on your device. Idk for sure though obviously

Everyone has acces to the frequenties on playground if threre not uses by someone els but have you also acces to the ATIS frequentie ?

Playground controllers cannot access ATIS ((:

Yeah no, nothing. And for some bizarre reason I can’t show you screenshots. Can’t upload from my iPad. At one stage I was on six different towers and ground stations at two different regions. The status panel showed I was active for forty mins, but I was not in there. Something is seriously not right.

Why don’t you try yourselves. At least that way I’ll know if it is just my app, it its everyone’s. By the way, I just deleted and restored the app, same thing. No ATC at ANY airport.

Yes but if he has acces to al then also to atis

Do you still have this problem?

Sorry for the late reply, basically everything seems fine today. It would be really appreciated if we can get advanced notice when they shut down the server. it really wasn’t nice or fair for me to literally waste a day trying to figure out if it was me or the server. There are two possibilities. First it was a scheduled shut down, in which case I’d like to know when they plan the next one. Or it was a system crash… worrying because it could happen anytime again. In which case I’d like acknowledgement and some form of explanation/apology.

In most cases if a server goes down its not possible to give advanced notice. It’s unfortunate, and regrettable when it happens, but not malicious. Sorry to hear you had such trouble.

Thanks David, I appreciate that.