Can't access Advanced ATC

After doing a session at KNUC I logged out and then again logged in to open up a facility in Seattle (KPDX) but I’m not getting RADAR screen , when I press on status tab I can see who is inbound, who is on ground (their name call sign and stuff) but I’m not able to see RADAR screen
Did following method to resolve this issue:
• Device restart
• Switching facilities and region
•reinstalled app
• Open close - close open (no effects)

Device- iPhone 6s (GSM)
iOS 9.2.1

Last image is from PG server


Try restarting the app turning off and turning back on ur internet and also reinstalling the app

I had it earlyear,it’s cause no one is on your frequency

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Done 2 times

In that case it should at least show the radar screen 😕

Contact Support?

Yes contact support

Nope , dont contact support yet, first try this Solutions first.
If this doesn’t work at all…than contact support 😉

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