Cannot Write Review

I’ve read the new post and I want to write a review but it says for me “Must Have App To Write A Review.”
Any way to help?

I’m using an IPhone 7+

Are you logged in with the account you have bought IF? If you don’t have the app then you can’t write a review.

You need to have the App to write a review.

I do have it…

On your current device? Is it installed?

Yes, it is installed already.

Please answer this question.

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Yes I have installed it, I’m logged in to my Facebook Account.

He means are you logged in with the Apple ID on the Apple Store.

Indeed I am. I’m logged on to everything.

Is your device jailbroken or didn’t you get IF from the App Store?

I got the app from the App Store, I am logged in to my IF Facebook account and into my Apple account

Log out of your Apple ID and log in back again. If that doesn’t work, then reinstall the app as the App Store might not be recognizing the app.


I’ll try it, 😉 Hope it works so I can rate the app an amazing 5 ⭐️

It worked, thanks! Cya Later!

Glad that I could help! Happy landings!

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