Cannot use keyboard for infinite flight

I have a apple smart keyboard connected to my iPad Pro (2019), I am also using live flight connect, but it doesn’t seem to do anything when I press any buttons that was assigned to do something.

Keyboards don’t really work, because LiveFlight connect is for joysticks and other add-ons (rudder pedals, throttle quadrant, etc).

I have never heard someone who is successful in using a keyboard.

Hmmm I’ve seen people using keyboards (both Bluetooth and smart keyboards) via live flight connect. There is actually a tab In live flight connect that let’s you customise your keyboard settings.

The only way to use a keyboard with IF is to use LiveFlight connect.

Yup I understand, but what are the steps of doing so?

Hello there!

Very recently, LiveFlight Connect discontinued support for Infinite Flight (26 Feb). Unfortunately, you will have to find an alternative to using LiveFlight Connect.

You can find more about it on their website:

Happy flying!


well i still can because i use samsung
i get the usb connecter and put it with the keyboard
oh dear god tell i need a extra port for the mouse
it messed up my whole game and had to redownload it because
the controlls won’t go back and i was stuck with auto pilot on while my device was up

He said he is using Apple not Andriod. Read the post a bit more careful next time :)

The Apple Smart Keyboard works via a proprietary connector on the iPad itself and does not work over bluetooth nor have any connection outputs, so I’m not sure how you are using it with Liveflight Connect.


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