Cannot subscribe

I am trying to subscribe put it keep saying transaction cannot be completed. I tried 2 different cards. I successfully purchased $85.00 of Google play credit with one of the cards but it says that its decline with the credit. I also uninstalled the game and reinstalled it.I need some help

If your using google play credit it should work. I don’t think we ever had this issue before. Can you send us a screenshot to help identify the problem?

You can try to contact a staff member to see if they can help out.

Don’t send a screenshot of any personal information like your credit card number, ect.

When I replied, you edited the post and added in a screenshot to it. Before it did not have a screenshot so I was asking for one. But I don’t want your information, just the error message (which you have already took a screenshot of) 🙂

I just attached the screenshot

Tap “Learn more” in the screenshot and follow the instructions :)

That didn’t help.


The reason you are receiving this is because your payment method is being declined for some reason, we can’t see why.
You can read more about possible solutions here:


I tried multiple cards. And it still say the same thing. I can buy other things off Google play which those cards. I just cant but the iF subscription. I like I said before I successfully purchased $85 Google play credit but when I tried to use that credit for the game. That’s when it says my method of payment (Google credit) was decline. While h makes no sense.

The error is something Google is showing, not Infinite Flight. So the best option here is in that case to contact Play Store Support.

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