Cannot subscribe on older Samsung models

For a while i have been trying to subscribeb but it only comes up as something along the lines of error could not possess or something,i have bad memory enyway after i told a mod on my old post that is now closed? And after i told him my tablet type he never responded, please dont flag and please help thanks…

What was your other post, do you have a link to it?

What device do you have?

What is the error you are receiving? Is it an error from google play or from Infinite Flight? Do you have a screen shot?


The first post was shut down for inactivity, my device is a galaxy tab 3 (Samsung ),and the error was error while retrieving information from server error no.2 unknown ps eroor code for G.P wasDF-AA-20

Thank you for contacting support! Customers using an older version of Infinite Flight that are unable to update in their App Store based on device compatibility will no longer be able to renew a Live or Live+ multiplayer subscription. If you have previously purchased a Live or Live+ subscription your service will still be honored and supported for the duration of your subscription period. Following your subscription expiration date or when trying to purchase a new subscription you will find “subscription unavailable” or a message similar to what you received.

Infinite Flight’s newest update featuring global satellite imagery introduces the Infinite Flight Pro subscription which gives a full global flight experience and access to our entire fleet of aircraft. We appreciate your understanding as we move forward into the future.

Kind Regards, Sebastian


Hello Schyllberg,

I’m playing this game since a long time in my ios, downloaded BlueStack v3 (latest version) and bought the game. So I’m playing solo on BlueStack but I see my progress made on IOS on BlueStacks (have the same name, same XP, etc), but when trying to buy the online game, get the error “Error retrieving information from server DF-AA-20”. Not sure what it happens.
BlueStacks is an emulator, why should I get this error like if this is an old device?

Thanks in advance.

Bluestacks is not supported due to the intensive graphics needs of the global update.The error you are getting is due to your setup of bluestacks.

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