Cannot start the app

Every time I start the app this message keeps popping up. I updated my phone to iOS 13.6.1 and renewed my wifi connection multiple times already and still doesn’t work. I can watch YouTube videos and everything so it doesn’t seem to be a connection issue.

I have the same problem. I think it’s a general mistake. It will probably be up to Infinite Flight.

Please be patient! It doesn’t help if there are several topics on the same topic. The developers will take care of the problem!

and you see at the top right corner that there is the wifi logo thing

I know what you mean but I dont even get that far because its just the loading screen and then that message comes up

I am talking about when you are on the home screen (I am asking as sometimes when it does not show up for me I wont be able to log on)

Oh ok yeah I got full 3 stripes of wifi

Yeah, I have the same issue - maaaybe an IF server problem?

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I am also experiencing this problem. I restarted my iPad, soft and hard, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, WiFi connection is strong.

The same message as above pops up instantly when I click on the app.


This is a 3rd party issue affecting several online services around the world.

Most of our traffic is fortunately unaffected though, but we’re monitoring the situation in case it gets worse.

Service providers are now reporting all to be OK


So you can’t do anything about it right now? Is that a problem with IOS or something else?

No, it’s a problem with a service provider.
Other services like FlightRadar24 are having issues as well. They’re seeing 10-20% failures. We’re seeing less.

Ok, thanks for the help :)

Thank you for the update, hopefully this will blow over soon! 😁

Back to normal again! The app is working now

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All green from the service providers!