Cannot start Infinite Flight

if i go to google play store and check the version it says 16.13.0 and in my app info too

Yes, this is pre global. Your device will not update and therefore you are stuck with 16.13.0 which was the final pre global version before Infinite Flight was updated.

In regards to the app not starting, try lowering your graphics down to the absolute minimum and see if that helps.

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and how do i change the graphics? in my phone settings?

18.5 is the latest update. Check if your device is compatible for this game and check if it can update further. I am not sure and I have not heard about this device

Can you please read my above messages before you comment; his device is not compatible with global.

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The Live and Graphic Settings in Infinite Flight. There is many more possibilities you can change here.

my IF crashing if i start the app

Go onto your app settings and completely uninstall Infinite Flight. Then reinstall from the playstore and see if it’ll boot successfully.

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nope, it still doesn’t work

Okay, I’m going to put this down to your device being completely incompatible.

Besides a factory reset, there is literally nothing else you can do.

Infinite flight 16.13 will not receive any more compatibility updates, so if your device doesn’t work with it then that’s most likely permanent.

Unless anyone else has any suggestions, besides turn it off and on again, I think this topic is mostly solved. I’ll continue to do some research into this device, if I find anything I’ll let you know.


Contact IF Moderators or community by email. They should respond. Or check if you have any other device you can play this with.

is there any way to backup my device if i do a factory reset? because i dont wanna lose all my files apps etc.

So there is a built in backup on Android for your contacts, logins and such. If you are looking to save files, I would suggest getting Google Drive and make the most of the 5GB free storage.
Otherwise, it’s the good old hook up to a computer and transfer job.
Some files may not be backed up, so personally I don’t suggest it. I won’t ever suggest a factory reset unless it’s absolutely necessary


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