Cannot Spawn In

I'm trying to spawn in at Seoul Incheon International Airport (RKSI) at Terminal 2 Gate 267. After I calibrate my device, my airplane sinks into the ground. Almost as it's non-existent.

Link to replay:

Hi Jack! Have you tried clearing your scenery cache? There are steps to this issue below.

Yes. I restarted my device and cleared the scenery cache before doing a long haul flight.

Sometimes as said in the FAQ in the rare case it doesn’t resolve it, a reinstall of the app usually does it.

Hello! I had this same exact issue, same plane, same airport, I don’t know about gate but it was in the 200’s. I also restart and cleared cache but that didn’t work. Unfortunately for me, I had to reinstall the app which worked for me. I know jt sucks but that is your best bet.

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I just tried to spawn in to see if it would work, and it did. Looks like all I needed to do was to restart the IF app. Thanks Asher!

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