Cannot Sign Up for Google Live Account

I’m new to Infinite Flight. I have a google account and I do not know how to fly online using this account. When I go to the live screen it says login only, it does not have a place to link my google account. Please can somebody help?

Try restarting your phone. If that didn’t work, reinstall Infinite Flight.

Hello, you must set up a valid account for IF and have paid the corresponding price of the live flight

You must go to fly online> put your account> select the plane and the place you want> and fly

with the new update you should automatically enter your account

How do I set up a valid account for IF

I have tried that

You first need to purchase a subscription, it will then ask you to sign in using Facebook/Google.

Try the steps that was suggested by @Othman_Asli

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have you paid a subscription?

How do I sign up for the subscription

Tap “Fly online!”
Select the appropriate subscription and follow the instructions :)

Me and my friend were sharing the same account and the throttle kept cutting out whenever we flew at the same time. The account was on two devices and a subscription was on it. I want to switch to a new google account and buy a new subscription so my throttle won’t cut out. Whenever I go to fly online, it shows my old account with the subscription and does not give me an option for a subscription. What do I do?


I understand.
Are you using iOS or Android? Do you know the callsign/display name last used for that account?

You can’t fly on the same account on two different Devises, thats why it’s cutting out

That’s why this topic exists. It’s pretty well established and understood by the op.

I am using iOS. the display name is gulam arti and the call sign is N602LH

Thank you.

Just one more thing - is the subscription purchased using your Apple-ID or your friends who you were previously sharing with?

My Apple ID

Then your friend is the one who needs to create a new account and purchase a separate subscription, as the subscription is tied to the Apple-ID who purchased it.

When I say friend I mean brother. My mom purchased the subscription with her apple ID for both of us. It was then we noticed one of us needed another subscription so my mum is buying another subscription for my google account.

Unfortunately, you can only have one subscription per Apple-ID… :(