Cannot Sign in / Weather Service Unavailable issues.

Simply says ïnfinite flight is experiencing trouble with the server when I try to log in. Help would be appreciated.


Same thing was happening to me. Just either restart your device or if that doesn’t work re-install the app.

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Not sure if this is related, but I’m doing a Flight right now and it says that winds aloft weather connection is down. It also says account verification error.


Same with me… I guess I can’t do my Narita to EWR flight.

Just like every other time that this happens…

  • Reboot
  • Make sure you have a strong connection
  • Log in again
  • If you still get it then wait. Chances are if other people are getting it too theres nothing you can do on your side.

Same here, my weather connection is down here. I’m not sure if it has a connection to this issue

Weather connections may or may not be related to overall live server connections stopping people from logging in.

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Weather along with a few other things regularly goes but it doesn’t ever affect logging in.

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Should be sorted out now.

Right when you said that it worked lol. Thanks everyone!

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Im having troubles too, restarted the app and my phone, something must be wrong with the servers

With signing in or weather?

signing in, just trying to start a flight, keeps loging me out and signing me in.

Having the same problem with a good connection.

Ok if you restarted then most likely you just need to be patient and wait.

Was the middle of a flight and checked on connection and IF logged me out. Like actually logged me out of my account. I have heard of others having log in problems. Not live problems but verifying their account to log on problems.

Did it give you the “You have been logged in on another device?”

Nope just a straight log out. I already lost the flight because it kicked me from my flight so I restarted the app and had a user verification error. No throttle cut no nothing

Ok just be patient I am sure they are aware of the situation.

Im sure too, just giving more information to help with any troubleshooting.