Cannot see the moon

I was just thinking about it looking at other people’s screenshots and I realised that I never have the moon visible in game at any point no matter what the time is or visibility etc. I always play with full graphics on the iPhone 6S so I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or for some reason it’s switched off for me. Any ideas?

It depends on the day and moon sometimes appears like a little point.

Just check outside and if you don’t find it, try again

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Try changing the date and/or time. Can you see any stars as well?

Yeah I’ve done multiple checks I always get the stars but never anything that resembles the moon whatever time of part of the world. I’ll keep trying.

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I suggest looking up at the early night sky tonight, look to your west, your answer will be there.

The moon appears where it actually appears in real life. Use Google, and you may find where the moon could be

The flying is more important lol

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The being able to see whats infront of the runway on landing is important as well


Yeah I’ll check tonight then try from my local airport. But yeah I struggle to fly at night because I can’t get any light for landing. Thanks

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