Cannot see other aircraft…

I have this issue, I can see maybe 1 or two aircraft at any given airport, none in the air,all I see are white boxes and names or “call sign” I taxied through an aircraft because I had no clue he was there…(sorry dude, whoever you were!) I have aircraft count on very high, and I’m running this on the new iPad, so I’ve got plenty of rendering power for days…. I should have all the aircraft downloaded…. How fix?

IF won’t render aircraft that are very far away. around 10000-ish feet or 30nm away from you

i get that but … i was at Heathrow, there was an A 380 on the south side of the airport i could see him, solid white, there was an A320, a couple of them that were just white boxes, right beside me

After a certain distance they tend to disappear, especially in busy airspaces.

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is it only in pro server?

This happens in all servers. The server doesn’t determine aircraft count from my knowledge.

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I thought the point was to be able to see other aircraft? i should at least be able to see other planes landing… taxiing at the gates? especially if theres only 5 AC at the airport

Hmm, with only 5 near you, you should’ve been able to see them if your settings are on high aircraft count.

You can adjust the rendering distance in settings, but only if your device supports it.

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Are you using cellular data when you are flying?

Most likely because they’re not downloaded to your device :)

Go to Settings in the app, then select the “Live” tab. Adjust the “Airplane count” to an appropriate amount (the higher, the more performance demanding on your device). Also, if you are using cellular you need to make sure to have “Automatic airplane download on cellular” checked!

That should do the trick!


wifi mostly, i was in 5g territory this weekend and had the same result, im on the new iphone and ipad pro, they are pretty powerful devices and shouldn’t have an issue rendering, im just wondering if theres a setting i can adjust that im missing…

Thank you!

Thanks guys! i will investigate all of these tips today when i do my flights! the support here is stellar!

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