Cannot See Other Aircraft

I don’t know what else i can do. I see foreign planes, no matter on which server, only at the airport and on the map. When Flying, I don’t see any planes and always have to switch to the map so I can see them. I deleted and reinstalled the app several times, no success. Automatic Airplanes downloads is on, although I do everything about WiFi. The connection to the servers is fine. Airplane Count is on very high, hide airplane dots stands on and hide airplane names is also on. I use an IPad Pro with 12.9 inches of the latest generation. What shall I do?
Capt Henning

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First off, welcome to the community! Try turning the hide airplane dots off along with hide airplanes names off. Most of the time they’re really hard to see while flying. If that doesn’t help I don’t know what else to tell you.

Can you explain a little bit about your problem? Can’t you see the planes next to you or displayed on the Nav map?

If there is a way I can help you, make sure you have a strong internet connection, as the aircrafts next to you are downloading. You may need to wait a while until they appear nearby. If not, restart the app and spawn in on the same gate again. Hope this helps. 👍


In my opinion i feel the same way… this happens all the time and is quite concerning as if the app is not working or is someone is hacking!!! The last time this happened was a few days ago and my internet is always connected when im flying. Maybe in the new update that will be coming soon, they will work on the bug fixes as well!

Hi, CollinFlys,

Super Tip, thank you very much! That’s what it was. Now everything works perfectly and I see all the planes.

Best Regards and happy flying,



Thank you for the tips!!

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Are they white squares?

@anon65945716 Try clearing caches and try again.

Also welcome to the community!

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That’s scenery cache, not for planes.

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Well, it could work. I use it sometimes.


You’re welcome! See you around on the forum. :)

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