Cannot see other aircraft online

Recently whenever I play online, I cannot see any aircraft around me, even ones that are close by. My airplane count is Very high. This happened yesterday as well but thought it was a glitch and left it deciding to do something else. I tried to start a flight today from Singapore but even though there were planes around me, I could not see them. Deleted the app and re-downloaded, no change. This was in the expert server.

Device: Iphone 11
Operating system: IOS 16.1



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You can only see aircraft and liveries that have been downloaded to your device. Deleting the app will have made it worse as deleting the app removes all downloaded aircraft and liveries.

You can redownload a livery by quickly spawning in with said livery and then ending the session.

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Oh is this new? because I dont remember it from before. And does this mean I have to download every aircraft in every livery to be able to see all aircraft? Or just spawn in as just the aircraft

Effectively yes but your device should automatically download them - that just takes a bit of time.

Very well then, thanks for the help. I’ll see if this works.

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Also note that in settings under: (⚙️ > Online > Airplane Count)

You can change how many aircraft are visible to you within a Certain radius. This is vary helpful for cutting down on lag and increasing preference.
For ex: if your at a airport with 25 other people and you are having lag, you could try turning it down to only see maybe 5 or 8.

The 5 options for this setting are in order:

  • none
  • Low
  • medium
  • high
  • vary high

You can change this setting during a flight so take advantage of that!
One example is if your flying between North America and Europe. Because that route is popular you will see other aircraft, so if you set the “Aircraft Count” to “none” for the duration of your cruise, you will save data and increase your devices performance!

Hope this helps too :)

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