Cannot See Aircraft on my Frequency

Hello there,

I was controlling Oakland Oceanic Center, but I hear other aircraft checking into my frequency, even though I don’t see them.

I’m the only one controlling to frequency

Could it be that they were outside of your reach (more than 270NM away as far as I am aware)?

Pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to tune in at all.

I think you can though, as I was far outside of Vienna Center yesterday and would have been able to tune in via the map, but I have only really little clue to be honest.

Pretty sure you would be able to within other FIRs because of the density of them in Europe.

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Could well be, but I think it wasn’t on the ATC panel at that time anymore. Not too sure though…

Maybe someone else logged in as that center ATC, and you are an observer, that is, of course if you are controlling on TS

Could it be they might, just might, still be on 19.4 (“BUT THAT IS JUST WRONG” as y’all would say.

Hi there,

The same issue happened to me once. Apparently, for now, we can only reach out to aircraft within a 420NM radius of your location. If someone is inside the Center boundaries but is more than 420NM away from where you are controlling, they will be able to tune in but you wouldn’t be able to contact them back. They won’t show up on the map as well as the list of aircraft on the right. You will only hear their voice. Currently, there aren’t any solutions to this - we’ll have to wait for a fix.

Hope this clears up the issue.

Credits to @Balloonchaser


Oh ok, thank you so much!

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