Cannot Scroll on the ATIS Runway Selection and other IFATC bugs

Hi there, so I am about 2 weeks into IFATC, and I noticed a few things that are buggy. The first one is not being able to scroll on the ATIS runway selection screen. It can get annoying if you are dealing with multiple runways such as DEN or MIA. The next thing that I noticed was when you click on a plane on the tower frequency on the ground, it disconnects the airplane per se and it removes it from the slider and no longer flashes orange. This one is annoying especially if you are controlling a busy frequency and you cannot see or hear requests. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Hello there,

Are you playing on a little screen like a phone?

I had this issue with ATIS runway scrolling…you have to be very precise and scroll from the little space between the runway buttons…

I don’t understand this one can you be more precise? Never experienced disconnected a plane when clicking it


Sure! I’d love to explain. So what happens is when I am on the TOWER frequency and I click on a plane that is on the GROUND frequency it turns the plane white and I cannot see the flashing orange, just only able to hear it, if that makes sense. The same goes with tapping on a plane while on the ground frequency while the plane is in the pattern or something. Does this make sense?

Umm…it does make sense but I never experienced that…

What I did experienced is some white planes which I’m unable to talk to unless they send a message first. In my case this happens randomly, not when I’m clicking it. The plane just appears as white on my freq.

Must be a bug then. Because it happens almost every time I open atc.

The white plane thing has been happening for years. If you are controlling two frequencies at the same time and you select the aircraft on the frequency they are not tuned into, they appear white and do not flash when making requests on the frequency they are tuned into. Happens on ground/tower, approach/departure, etc.

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One thing I’ve found to work: if you’re on tower and you click on a ground airplane, it’ll show up white on the ground frequency. Just swipe their strip off the screen for the frequency their supposed to be on, then click back on them. It’s fixed it for me every time


Thanks! I am going to try this later. I feel a bit dumb for not trying this over years of having this issue.

Yes, but does not flash orange which at a busy airport is quite hard to remember everything.

The ATIS bug also happens to me to be honest, it’s a little annoying when you want to add STARS or SIDs but you have to be really precise and patient and it’ll work and I’m sure that the staff will figure this out in future updates.

That’s why I put 30 min timers on things so they’re green

ATIS problem has also happened to me,and I had to spawn in again to solve the problem

Thanks for making the topic about selecting runways on ATIS. It’s always annoyed me too but I never thought to say anything about it 🥲

It’s very frustrating when you’re just starting on a very busy frequency and the requests from pilots are piling up while you’re frantically slapping your phone trying to get the runway selection to scroll down


😭. Well it got to the point where I was fighting it for like 20+ min. So I obviously had to say something.

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