Cannot Restore Purchases. Get a "Regrant Failed" Message

I have been waiting for the Global update to occur and haven’t 'restored my purchases in a while but now when I try, I get a “Restore Purchases Failed” and a “Regrant Failed. Please purchase the software application first.” message.

I purchased many airplanes like the B747-8, B777-300ER, and B787-10 that I no longer have access to. How do I get passed this issue.


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Yeah I am having the same issue as well…

This may be related to the server and will hopefully sort itself out soon enough. I believe that staff are aware.


Yeah, just double tap and swipe up. I had that issue but it’s working again. I had a Live + subscription though… it maybe different for you.

This maybe due to the high volume of traffic right now :) Once the traffic dies down a bit, it should work! :)

Well, I Tried it a couple months ago with the same issue. I didn’t want to deal with it then but now that global has been delivered, I want my planes back lol. I don’t think it’s related to the new release.

Thanks for the replies trying to help so far.

Unfortunately the scenery server is also being used for aircraft. We are increasing the capacity now and optimizing this to avoid further issues. Keep an eye out for an update via #announcements. The server overload experienced to enter online is also affecting aircraft downloads. We apologize but appreciate your patience through these growing pains!


Thank you, Tyler, for this update. Would you happen to know what might cause this same issue months before the roll-out of Global?

I’m not quite sure unfortunately, but we’ll investigate as needed to resolve any lingering issues.

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