Cannot Request Approach Into Desired Airport

Hi lads,

I was on approach at Gatwick yesterday and encountered a problem I hadn’t faced before. I already PMd the Approach controller about this and the matter was resolved, but he said there was nothing that could be done about it and that it’s a known bug. However, I couldn’t find a topic on it so I’m creating it here hoping the matter will be addressed and to bring it to the attention of devs and anyone facing similar problems.

As I tuned into the Approach frequency to request for the ILS26L at Gatwick, I realised I couldn’t find the icon for the airport, even if I was way within the 50nm radius and below 18,000ft.

The controller obviously asked me to state my intentions but I wasn’t able to because of this. Instead I checked in and this led to some confusion and a ghosting warning, which is clearly understandable given the circumstances / congested airspace.

I’d like to ask what you lot would suggest to tackle this kind of situation. Thanks!

(Notice how EGKK doesn’t appear in any of the options below.)

Tap the airport from the map to go to the frequency of the airport you’re going to.

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That wasn’t the problem. I was already tuned into the frequency, as can be seen. What I couldn’t do was request the approach into the airport because Gatwick (EGKK) wasn’t listed as an option to approach.

Did you have a flight plan towards that airport?
Was the last waypoint if this flight plan the actual airport blue dot?

If not, you may get the problem you describe.

I did have a flight plan toward the airport. In fact I’m guessing that’s why the controller initially told me to expect vectors for EGKK before quickly disregarding. (Which he actually did so quickly that my readback button disappeared when I was going to tap it and I hit “Airport in Sight” instead. -_- )

Your out of radio range for the ATC interface to allow you to contact go onto the map and tap on your desired airport and tap on the frequency you want

No, again, that’s not the problem. I was TUNED INTO and already communicating with Gatwick approach / director as you can see on the screenshot. I just couldn’t state my intentions when he requested them because the icon for Gatwick had not appeared for me to request a landing.

You should tune into tower frequency to request a landing on your desired RWY

While I’m tuned into Approach and he’s asking for intentions? I think that would just get me ghosted for unauthorised frequency change. Also I wasn’t close or low enough to contact Tower.

When a controller says “Say Intentions” the controller wants you to say something but if you wanted to contact tower just say “Requesting Frequency Change”

No, that’s not correct I’m afraid. If you are tuned to Gatwick Approach then they will tell you when to contact Tower.

When you say “towards the airport”, did you actually have the EGKK icon as your final node on the flight plan? Just having the waypoints leading to the runway is not sufficient.

They’ll say it i know but they should say it when you are in one of the airspace circles also if you have waypoints and not the destination being only the airport the controller can guide you in

Ahhh that perhaps may have been the problem. No, I had it set to the waypoint at the base of RWY26L. Didn’t know that affected the frequency range, always thought it was standard within a certain radius. Thanks!

Sorry I just saw you hinted at this too, thanks for your input!

Yes. You should always have your destination airport icon as the final node. Not only does it ensure you can request approach properly, but it means ATC and others can properly understand where you’re going when they click on you on their radar maps.

Got it. Cheers for your time!

That’s the key!

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Cheers @azeeuwnl!