Cannot purchase subscription

I am trying to purchase a subscription for the first time on my iPhone 8 Plus and it is telling me “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”. I am on the latest app update and iOS, I have tried resetting my phone, resetting my network settings, deleting and redownloading the app, and trying to connect via cellular. I have also tried logging out and back in of my infinite flight account. Any insights into what I could do to solve this problem? Thanks!!

Are you on cell service? Sounds like a connection problem, and IF has some issues with cell service. Try connecting to wifi and doing it.

Is your iTunes Store connected and signed in In the iTunes app?

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This is more than i knew… (the app have no issues with cellular, but it sometimes requires more than many cellular services are able to provide)

@Akorm6 ;
Make sure you don’t have any restrictions set on your Apple-ID for in-app purchases.
If that checks out, a usual fix is to sign out of your Apple-ID for iTunes & App Store on your device, and then sign back in.


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