Cannot purchase pro subscription in India

I decided to re subscribe to infinte flight pro subscription from android play store India but the transaction fails citing it is not available in my country. Is there any alternate way where i can pay for subscription and get pro? I am on android samsung note 20 ultra 5g

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Has using a VPN worked? Setting the server to another country?

Yes tried it…it doesn’t work

You can get a Pro subscription in India a lot of members in one of the Va’s I am in are in India and they have a Pro sub so this may be an individual problem.

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Are you on beta version

I have this showing on screen when purchasing pro subscription

No i am not on beta version

From the screenshot, it looks like you’re using Google Pay to purchase your subscription which isn’t supported in your country. Try using another payment method.

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Hey @NtRiX,

Use some other payment gateway, like Paytm, phonepe etc. That might help you :)

I have used my card to pay for the app and it worked but when i am purchasing pro subscription via card, it shows error and redirects to google pay error page when i have used card as a payment method and even when i dont even have google pay!

Check out this article, hopefully it would be of help:

Staff will assist you soon

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