Cannot play a shared replay

Device: OnePlus Nord 2
Operating system: Android 11

I’ve noticed an issue with the IF replays…

  1. When i click import i cannot see save to device option, i can only see share option.
  2. Even after emailing it to myself i cannot access the replay. It says i have no app which can open the file.

Can you please tell me how to access the replay since once my friend also shared me a replay which I could not access.

I use OnePlus Nord 2 with Android 11

Is it possible that you have ran out of storage?

No… Downloading the replay creates a ‘.replay’ file which can’t be accessed with any application… Even renaming it to ‘.mp4’ does not work …
Please tell me how to access the ‘.replay’ file

You need to import the .replay file into the infinite flight app and open the replay in infinite flight. It is impossible to open it without infinite flight.

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Ohh yes…i understood
Thank you so much

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