Cannot Open Replays "Can't Connect"

Hello, I have just finished a landing using the reworked 777-200 and I run into an odd issue while trying to open the replay of my landing. When I select the replay and then click on the replay button, the app tells me that it “Can’t Connect” and that “Infinite Flight is experiencing internet connectivity issues. Please check your internet connection and restart the app or try again later.” This message is extremely odd since my internet connection is fine; I can use the for flying solo just fine with my internet connection. I have tried restarting my iPhone, restarting my internet, and disconnecting and reconnecting my device from my internet, I even tried using LTE. However, NONE of the things mentioned worked. Is there a way to fix this issue? Is there something I’m missing or perhaps that I have not tried before?


Known issue for users not signed in.
A hotfix is being prepared for this and will hopefully be out within the next few days.

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