Cannot make any in-app purchases on Android? Help!

As stated above, game will not allow any purchases. Bought game in Google play store on Android phone, yet it says on purchasable item, its says purchases unavailable check Apple id settings… I am NOT on iPhone! again assistance much appreciated.

Can you list your phone specs? The phone name? Android version (Kitkat, Lollypop, Marshmallow, Jellybean, etc). I never heard this problem before. Getting a Apple error on Android.

Sorry. this problem was on my tablet actually. Its a RCA RCT6773W22, running Kit Kat.

  1. Make sure you have a steady data/wi-fi connection. Low connection can cause some things to load and some to not load.

  2. Make sure you are logged in to IF servers. If you do not see your display name in the top-right ↗, that means you are not logged in. This can disable purchases and will not allow you to buy anything into you are logged in.

  3. Reinstall the game. Sometimes apps can become unresponsive. Reinstall the game can fix the problem as it installs the current version and updated from the Play Store ▶ / Apple 🍎 Store.

Hopefully this works.

There is only one possible way to get an Apple error on an Android device. The app installed is an invalid iOS APK mistakenly installed.
Delete the copy with the error. Then if the device is not rooted, restart power, sign into the Play store only to purchase download and install. Then it’s impossible to see that error again.

Beware the installation of the invalid APK can cause long lasting conflicts that are not resolvable. Almost forgot…if there are continued problems afterward you may need to perform a factory reset. That can usually correct most problems caused by invalid APKs or rooting.

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